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Great Advice on Preventing Teeth Damage in Sports

Thanks to Miller Orthodontics in Orange, CA for providing some key information on teeth health during sports participation.

Article one summarizes key points about the use of mouth guards and retainers during sports. it also describes in depth what to do if a tooth is knocked out on the field:

  1. Find the tooth
  2. Hold the tooth by the crown (the surface farthest from the gumline), not the root
  3. If it is an adult tooth, try to put the tooth back in the socket right away
  4. If the tooth can not be put back in the socket, store it in cold milk (do not store in tap water)
  5. Bite down on a gauze pad to relieve bleeding and pain
  6. Call your dentist immediately

Article two focuses on how teeth may be damaged by sugars found in juices or other sports beverages, with the following key tips:

Even one drink a day is potentially harmful, but if you are absolutely unable to give up that sports- or energy-drink habit, we encourage you to minimize your consumption, use a drinking straw or rinse with water after drinking. As odd as it may sound coming from us, do not brush immediately after drinking sports and energy drinks; softened enamel due to acid is easier to damage, even when brushing. Remember, it takes your mouth approximately 30 minutes to bring its pH level back to normal. The best thing to do is to wait an hour, then brush to remove sugar that lingers on your teeth and gums.